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Hello Travel Enthusiast!

Did you know that traveling to any part of the world is very much within your reach? Travel can be affordable and fun! In order to travel more and get value for your money you need a good travel consultant who understands how to find the best deals and hacks when it comes to creating a great travel experience.

I caught the travel bug 6 years ago, and have been traveling ever since. I have learnt a lot from sheer luck, dumb mistakes & plenty of research.

  • Unsure about how to find the best deals on flights, accommodation and car rental? I’ve got that handled.
  • Can’t pick the perfect location or itinerary for your dream destination? I’ve got you covered!

Over the years I have helped other travelers embrace their inner curiosity and desire to escape life’s daily chaos. Here is what some of them had to say about their travels:


“I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with my good friend Sally, an avid globe trotter that has mastered the art of world travel. By this I mean she's learned how to traverse the globe economically, despite a full time job, constrained vacation days and while making it all look easy and fun. She lives a vibrant life filled with wander lust and the best part is that she shares all her memories with us in a unique and enjoyable way. She also happens to be the only friend I have that like me, enjoys and advocates for solo vacations.”


“Sally has some great recommendations on any destinations I have inquired about leading to a great travel experience. I'm planning on traveling to Italy and she's the first person that came to mind for recommendations on the best cities in Italy to visit, the most affordable way to travel and the best way to save on accommodation. She's my go to person, when planning my travels.”


“I’ve always loved traveling but I was too scared of getting out of my comfort zone into the unknown. It was my very close friend Sally who inspired me and still does; to travel the world and live life to the fullest!! We have traveled to many destinations together but seeing her travel to so many other destinations solo is even more inspiring to me. She introduced me to a whole new world of travel — the perks e.g. those airport lounges, how to earn and use frequent flyer miles, how and where to get flight and hotel deals, the list is endless! To me, Sally is the epitome of travel; not only does she love life and lives it to the fullest, but she is also brave, smart and very knowledgeable about travel! She is my travel inspiration.”


“I started following @mssallyng on Instagram not too long ago because she had awesome pictures. Reading about her solo trips however ended up motivating me to do the same. It's difficult to effectively plan a trip with others due to scheduling and level of interest, and so I end up not traveling as much as I'd like. I'm now planning a solo trip Australia and have reached out to Sally with questions. What I love most about her is that even though I'm a total stranger to her, she's very responsive and has given me useful tips! Thanks Sally! You rock!”


“Who doesn’t love to travel? As a mother the last thing on my mind for a very long time was traveling. I had been in the US from Kenya for about 7 years and had never left the city of Atlanta or the outskirts! I was committed to my child, work and school. The thought of traveling never crossed my mind as my main focus was my son. Well, that was until Sally came along. Let’s just say that after 7 years of driving on 75 North I finally got on a plane and was headed to San Diego for the USA Rugby Sevens tournament. That was just the beginning!
I owe all my travels to Ms. Sally. Actually I think I have traveled with her on about 90% of my trips. I love traveling with her because she is organized. I never have to worry about where to stay, where to visit, what the currency exchange rate is, what local transportation method is best or what visa to acquire! She always creates an itinerary for us that makes navigation in any foreign destination easy. I’m very grateful to her for our last trip to Bali where I renewed my wedding vows. I can finally cross Bali off my bucket list. Keep doing what you do Sally!!!”


“As someone who loves to travel, Sally has been both an inspiration and a great source of knowledge. She inspired me think outside of the box. Whether it be discovering travel destinations in my own backyard or courageously taking on the challenge of solo travel! (She encouraged me to take my first solo trip to Cuba!) Sally is knowledgeable and passionate about travel. She exhibits this by willingly sharing her travel experiences to educate and assist fellow travelers. I'm positive the readers of this book will attest to my experiences, once they read the book.”


Today I want to help you!

With the right travel consulting and guidance I can help you:

  • Choose the perfect destinations
  • Create custom itineraries
  • Save money on flight and hotel deals
  • Get the best getaway for your budget
  • And much more

Stop wondering and start wandering! There is so much of the world to see!

Consult with me for just 30 minutes and you will be on your way to an amazing getaway. Please fill out form below to schedule your consultation.

Let’s travel and create unforgettable memories!


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