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According to my member profile on Trip Advisor, I have only covered 9% of the world in my travels! This came as a surprise to me as I thought it would be a much higher number.  Granted about 71% of earth’s surface is covered by water.  I have a lot more exploring to do in order for me to pin more locations on my world map.

I love Trip Advisor! I have been an active member there for a little over a year. The unbiased reviews from people round the world keep me coming back.  I have received some of the best advice regarding unfamiliar destinations that have made me better prepared to set out on my own.  Posting my reviews has been my way to give back.  To know that my review has proven to be helpful gives me a sense of purpose:)

To learn that 23, 740 travelers have read my reviews is fantastic and shocking!  I will keep it going!!  Happy travels!

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