Viva Mexico!!

Most of the trips I go on are planned on a whim and the departure date is usually within weeks! I really do like instant gratification when it comes comes to travel.

This trip to Mexico taught me a lot of patience.  It also made it quite evident that the early bird really catches the worm!! If you book far in advance, you are bound to get some great some savings!

My best friend found an unbelievably inexpensive deal to Puerto Morelos on Expedia that included airfare and all inclusive accomodations at a luxury resort!  Too good to pass up!!  How can you say no to a deal that includes airfare, accommodation, food, unlimited alcohol and various excursions for under $600 per person for a week long vacation?

Given the price tag I was a little apprehensive about the quality we would get but we jumped on it anyway!! We made the reservations 3 months in advance.  I hated the waiting game but the time came to pass and it was time to leave for Mexico! 2.5hrs hour later, we were in Cancun.  Short & sweet!

We were not disappointed by the resort one bit! If anything were very impressed at how nice it turned out to be! I would recommend getting an all inclusive package when traveling where applicable.  It takes the away the stress of having to pay for everything a-la-carte and proves to be a money saver in the end.

The best part about being in this part of the world was getting out of the fabulous resort and getting involved in various activities that included zip lining, swimming in the cenote (underground pit/sinkhole), snorkeling, riding ATVs and shopping!  For a non swimmer, I was dared to suspend my fears for just a while and do things I never dreamed I would do!! Fear does really hold us back from many things! It was exhilarating to be able to go diving! I am grateful for the life vest that offered that extra assurance I needed.  I have a new found admiration and respect for the aquatic life after seeing how beautiful the coral reef is.

The best part about traveling to this part of the world was how quickly we were able to get through customs!  After visiting Montego, Jamaica,  I highly appreciate speed and efficiency at any customs office.

I would highly recommend visiting Cancun and it’s environs.  We were in Puerto Morelos, about 30 mins from the airport.  Cancun has the notorious reputation for being a party city thanks to college students on Spring Break but you can find some amazing relaxing places amidst  the chaos.

Happy Travels!


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