MARCH 21ST – MARCH 28TH, 2013

Dubai is a city of awe-inspiring ambition and unsurpassed luxury. Home to the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa and the largest shopping malls.

My trip to Dubai was planned completely on a whim.  I had exactly 3 weeks to plan for my departure. Crazy, I know!  I have a full time job and would need to get the time off approved. A tourist visa was also required!  My spontaneity did paid off.  My vacation request on short notice was approved! The visa took a week to process electronically and through some great connections I got a discounted airline ticket.  With JFK being the departure airport I decided to spend a night in New York city before my long 16 hour direct flight to Dubai.

I had an amazing 7 days there!!

Trip highlights:

Family and friends –  The reunion with my sister was priceless.  I had not seen her in 13 years!  I ended up having an amazing host/guide.  Her friends become my friends!

Flying Emirates – Many international flights later and Emirates still holds the candle as the best one yet to fly Economy (did I mention I’m a frugal traveler?).  I took a sneak peek at their first/business class cabins and I can only dream of someday being able enjoying that luxury.  Back to Economy – the customer service is top notch, seats were comfortable, food tasted great and the in-flight entertainment options were in plenty.

The weather was perfect! Dubai has a tropical desert climate because of its location within the Northern desert belt. My visit was at a time with relatively low humidity.  I got to enjoy some outdoor activities as it was comfortable.

Desert Safari – A must-do while in the UAE!!  What a great roller coaster ride on the sand dunes.  We had a fantastic driver.  Witnessed the most incredible sunset, rode ATVs, and ended it with a great buffet dinner and entertainment at a camp in the middle of the desert.

Food – I tried very many different cuisines and never got disappointed once!  I was pretty surprised at the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables readily available.  Most of it is imported.  There are very many American chain restaurants here which was surprising.  Red Lobster surprised me the most!

Shopping – There was never a shortage of Malls! High end and flagship stores can be found easily! Anything and everything you desire can be found here!  I especially enjoyed Dubai Mall located next to Burj Khalifa! Here, I saw the best dancing fountain which makes the Fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas seem mediocre!

Nightlife – You can never experience boredom in this city! The options are endless on things to do and I was here to experience it all! Open air lounges for hookah, various night clubs to suit individual tastes etc.

My tips on travel to this part of the world will be shared on the journal.

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  • Stanley August 22, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    Hallo.i have plenty of questions. How do you book the excursions? What is the best option for transportation? How do you get a visa if you are an American citizen? Is it better to change the currency or a credit card is preferable? Thanks for your blog

  • Evening desert Safari March 26, 2018 at 8:49 am

    Your trip was extremely very good.Dubai is the best place for the tourist I am also planning to go Dubai.and I will try your tips thanks for posting and keep posting great stuff

  • SallyG April 24, 2018 at 1:05 am

    Thank you:)

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