I’d rather see something once than read about it a thousand times!

I have been fascinated by Paris for years!  I took French in school for 14 years. I really should not admit that publicly as I can’t speak the language:(  After high school everything I had learnt evaporated!

While visiting London, I learnt that Paris was only 2 hours away by speed train! I was not about to let a short vacation to the UK limit my chances of having a multi city experience!

I purchased last minute train tickets on Eurostar to Paris.  Another solo venture.  I loved the train experience!  Great views of the English/French country side.

With 36 hours to spare in Paris, I had to make the most of it!  I met a nice gentleman on the train from London who explained the metro system and marked on a map where my hotel and most attractions were located.  During my travels, I meet the nicest and most helpful people which restores my faith in humanity!  I had been warned to look out for pick pockets and be cautious of everyone in general but my gut feeling always prevails as a guide.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I finally got to the Eiffel Tower grounds!  This iconic tower is majestic!! Nothing prepares you on how massive it really is!  While it’s great to see it during the daytime, it is spectacular at night when all the dazzling lights come on!  The lights change color every hour.   I met a caricature artist who drew me a great sketch and was kind enough to agree to my multiple photo requests.  He suggested great restaurants too!

My next venture was to visit the Louvre Museum!  I was pressed for time didn’t get the chance to see the art.   I did spend some time at the main courtyard which in itself is a quite an experience! Here I got to make some friends.  They needed a  group photo and I offered to take it for them.  They returned the favor and we ended up having a great conversation.

Just a few hours in this city and I felt like I belonged! The metro was much easier to figure out than the tube system in London!  I was truly sad to leave but will certainly make plans to return and experience more of this magical city.

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  • Vincent August 3, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    A great preview for would-be travellers. Paris is a beautiful city, in every sense. C’est une ville magnifique. I loved it… totally! I will definitely go back. What surprised me was the rudeness of some Parisians including a tourist information officer at Garé de Lyon. Apparently, they hate it when we speak to them in English.

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