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My country my pride!! My love for this country knows no bounds for obvious reasons! It’s home!!  But it wasn’t until I left I Kenya that i truly appreciated the beauty of this county!

At 19 I had the incredible opportunity to work for Friends of Conservation, a non governmental organization that was focussed on conservation efforts for the white rhino that was fast becoming extinct.   While I never fully comprehended the magnitude of their efforts at the time, i look back and realize how much of an impact the company really made and still does.  The famous Jack Hanna was/is a huge supporter of the organization and I got to work with his daughter Kathleen who was based in our London office.

My first ever plane ride was from Wilson Airport heading to the Maasai Mara while working for the tour company, Abercrombie & Kent.  It was an incentive trip for the sales team to experience the Maasai Mara as a tourist and be able to sell it! What an incredible experience it was! This was during the wildebeest migration.  I was young and quite naive to appreciate that part unfortunately:(

I can’t wait to go back soon to explore my country with a new set of eyes and bring my experiences to light! Watch this space…

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    First I’am stunned by your website. Secondly, you don seen allot of Keep up the travel!

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