Paradise does exist on earth and it’s quite possibly in Greece.  There is a beauty that surpasses understanding in Greece. We happened to visit the most popular and also the party island of Greece – Mykonos!  I have wanted to visit Greece for a while and had my sights set on Santorini but my friends and I happened to get an amazing flight deal to Mykonos that we couldn’t pass up! Though it was not my dream destination, Mykonos won me over big time!!

AirBnb in the heart of Mykonos town.  Our AirBnb host was kind enough to pick us up from the airport which was a nice touch and great welcome to the island.  I will say the airport was not impressive whatsoever.  Another thing I quickly learned was that, I should have packed light! Having to carry two large rolling pieces of luggage up 65 steps was no easy feat! And yes we counted the steps *sigh*


1.  Leave your rolling suitcase at home.  The ground is pretty uneven and most hotels and accommodation options are located on a steep.

2. Taxis are pretty scarce on the island.  There are about 30 taxis total for an island that hosts 500,000 people in the summer.  If you can rent a car, atvs or bikes, do so.  There is also a commuter bus and ferry to get to and from the old and new port.

3.  Ladies, leave your heels at home.  See reason 1.

Mykonos is a beautiful island. There were sights on the island that were unreal. Like straight out of a postcard!  While we marveled at the sites, the food was also a hit! I am not a foodie and food is never a highlight of a trip but this was different.  I would look forward to every culinary experience.

Mykonos has not earned the party island title without reason. The parties here are truly on another level! I thought Miami and Cartagena had wowed me, but the Mykonos party scene makes the rest look like child’s play! The day parties were phenomenal while the night parties are just as as incredible. There were always celebrity DJs to provide tunes for the night at many different venues.

My favorites were:

Night Life:

  1. Cavo Paradiso
  2. Scorpios

Day parties:

  1. Jumeirah
  2. Tropicana
  3. Paradise Beach Club

Beach Restaurant & Lounge

  1. Hippie Fish
  2. Blu Blue Lounge

Bottle service anyone?


Yes new friends…

Besides the party scene, we were able to take a full-day yatch cruise to Rhenia Island.  The uninterrupted bright blue sea views are amazing. Our skipper was awesome and prepared a delicious meal right on the boat.

Gone sailing…


If nothing else, you will love the shopping in Mykonos! There are endless opportunities for shopping while walking the colorful, narrow yet paved streets.

When in Mykonos:

  1. Go to Little Venice
  2. Catch a great sunset at the 5 windmills


Our trip was entirely too short and I can’t wait to return!





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