July 11th – 13th 2014

What a great two days spent in this part of the world!  I had zero expectations when I took my first ever solo road trip to meet a dear friend in this city!  My little research indicated this was a college town which had no bearing on me whatsoever. Having no expectations worked in my favor as there was no chance I’d be disappointed. A three hour drive there was bearable.

My host had planned a slew of activities to keep me entertained and boy did she go all out!  I had a chance to visit Pigeon Forge and partake in some old timey photos at Wild Gals Old Time Photos.  Something I have always wanted to do.  I love being in costume! A little too much:)  We took a sky lift ride in Gatlinburg.  We drove up to the top of the great Smokey Mountains.  The drive was incredibly scenic!  We later took a short ride on a helicopter and caught awe inspiring views of the mountains. Our pilot was a great guide and did a few stunts in the air! Did I mention that I am am deathly afraid of heights?!

The trip was short and very sweet indeed! I would go back to visit without hesitation!

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