March 01st – March 07th 2015

Bangkok is a very interesting city with plenty to offer for the ultra curious individual and your average laid back tourist.

I was very excited to visit Bangkok and had done plenty of research on what do during my visit.  It was a very long way from Atlanta for just a four day trip! Five airports later we made it there!  I’ve said before that I do prefer multi-city stops as I get to venture out to different cities in one go.   This was by far the most number of cities I had a layover in.  Atlanta-Houston-Moscow-Singapore-Bangkok. An experience I will document in a future post on how to make your layovers count.

It was sweltering hot in Bangkok! I left freezing temperatures at home and should have appreciated the change but this was on the extreme.  Thank goodness for central air-conditioning.  Customs was a breeze to get through thankfully!


I stayed at two hotels while here.  Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel a riverside hotel along the Chao Phraya River and Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit.  One thing stood out for me – the level of service provided at both hotels was exemplary!  As a hospitality professional I tend to be nit picky and have high expectations but they were well exceeded! Nothing quite like I’ve experienced before.  The roof top bar and lounge at the Marriott hotel was amazing!

Cuisine – I am not adventurous with food but did try out various meals during my visit!! I can confidently say that I love Thai food! It was a feast for my taste buds especially the Thai curry!!

A stop at the Condoms and Cabbages restaurant was an amazing experience!  Interesting concept for a restaurant with great food to top your experience!  There are plenty of places to eat while here! The street food is not to be missed! It is relatively cheap.

A visit to the Grand Palace and The Big Buddha – While in Bangkok you must see the temples! They are beautiful!  The Big Buddha temple had free entry.  Just be sure to cover up your arms and legs out of respect during your visit and don’t fall for the “the temple is closed today for a special event” like we did.

Dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River – an amazing experience!

Thai Massage – One must absolutely get a Thai massage while here!! They are quite cheap too.

The world famous red-light district in Patpong – for the ever curious!! Here you will see naughty shows, pole dances, lady boys etc…

My trip was way too short to experience everything on my list. My biggest regret was not being able to visit the outskirts of Bangkok to experience the real beauty of Thailand.  This means I will be back!

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