Miami is one my favorite cities in the world!  Just a hop and a skip away from Atlanta! I have been here several times but the novelty of it never seems to wear off! I’m always excited to return and seem to discover new places and things to do with each trip.  This is one of those cities where having great company will serve you very well!!  There are always willing parties happy to join me every time I visit.

It is especially wonderful to be here in the cooler months as the temperatures can really soar to highly uncomfortable levels at times.

IMG_0874.JPGThere’s an abundance of pools everywhere with the beach being within a short distance.  For a non swimmer I enjoy being in the water more than I probably should!


It is here that I once faced one of my fears. I went parasailing! Have I mentioned that I am deathly afraid of heights?!   It was surprisingly amazing and the view of the Miami beach and city skyline from the top was unparalleled!

You can always catch me sampling cuban cuisine and sipping on a refreshing mango mojito while in Miami.


The nightlife is incredible! There are many options available to suit everyone’s taste.  This is such a vibrant city!

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