May 08th – 18th 2014

Aussi! Aussi, Aussi! Glorious Aussi! The land down under! A land so far away that many people are often discouraged from visiting due to distance!  Well, i’m here to tell you it is well worth the long flight!  It took about 16 hours direct from Los Angeles to Sydney! A long time I know!  I had been in Los Angeles for about 10 hours in transit from Atlanta – my choice, and was mentally and physically ready for this.

I was inspired to visit Australia by Oprah Winfrey! She once took a group of her most loyal fans on the trip of a lifetime to Sydney.  The entire amazing experience was captured on cameras for the rest of the world to see.  I remember thinking, I would visit Sydney someday and live out everything I saw.   Fast forward to 5 years later, my cousin had moved to Sydney was begging me to visit! She also happens to live in North Bondi, home to the world famous Bondi Beach!  I din’t need begging! This was a sure thing!

I arrived exhausted!  I had lost a whole day due the changing time zone and my body was thrown off to say the least.  It took about a day to feel somewhat normal again. Even with that it was still totally worth it!

Here are some tips for a great vacation/holiday in Australia that I found on a postcard and were helpful:

Enjoy a surf – anyone can do it! This is is true. I was within walking distance of the beach so this was something I just had to try.  If at first you don’t succeed….

Partake in a beer or two. It’s actually cheaper as liquor is pretty pricey here.

Learn the local language – G’day mate! ‘Ow yer goin? No-bulll.  Good on’ya mate.  You little ripper!

Be sure to mix with the locals.  The people here are very friendly.

See something worth bragging about! Mine was the visit to the iconic Opera House and having a private tour.  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is across the water from the Opera House and you get a clear view of it.

I’ll share more of my incredible Aussi experience on the journal and include more helpful tips.

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