Howdy wanderlusters:)

I’m back!  I took a much needed break from travel, blogging and all social media in general (January 2017 – March 2017).  What started out as a weekend of unplugging and getting rest from a very exhausting trip to Bali, turned out to be a three month break.  Bali is a dream destination but getting there was such a huge challenge! A story for another post.

What prompted the social media break was the realization that I was spending too many unproductive hours online.  When you take account how much time you spend online on unproductive things it will surprise you!  I found my days completely taken over by social media and generally the internet!  I would start with the intent to spend a few minutes scrolling on Facebook or various Instagram feeds and end up spending hours on end watching funny videos, amazing travel photos and just randomness.  Any priorities I had planned took a back seat.  It didn’t help that my sleep pattern was also suffering.

Time lost is never recovered! I was wasting precious minutes on things that didn’t necessarily bring me joy or balance.  I had to take back control of my schedule!  Write that e-book I had been planning on, work on re-branding and generally make this blog worthwhile for my readers. Besides that, I needed to reconnect with those who matter to me on a personal level.  Planning meet-ups and having face-to-face conversations.  Social media has made most of us lose real connections sadly.

During my break, here’s what I was able to accomplish:

– The e-book is completed! I can’t wait to share it with you.  I hope you will love it and find the information useful for your future travels. It was a pleasure writing it.

– My website has been revamped!!!  What a process it has been!  New logo, new look:)  Woo hoo! Please feel free to take a tour and share it:)   There’s new information you will find useful – Resources section.

– Back to the basics!  I love to read and didn’t seem to have time for it anymore.  I had a chance to read more books than I have in the last 10 years during my break. I am yet to completely enjoy audio books as nothing gives me a better feeling of accomplishment than turning an actual page.

– Netflix without the chill – I found some great travel related movies and documentaries that have re-ignited the passion to see the world!  I will share the details on my favorite finds in a separate post.

– The best thing I did was being able to stop and actually smell the roses, literally!  Making time for meaningful personal connections and being able to appreciate what life has to offer.  Sadly, most of my close friends lost close family members during that time which gave me a new appreciation of the privilege I have to be alive and well.

I did miss you all but would recommend taking a break sometimes.  It was great!   I have some fun content to share with you all as a result:)

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    Smell the roses….

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